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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in J's LiveJournal:

Friday, July 13th, 2007
3:45 pm
I...pretty much don't update. Just, as a rule. BUUUUT! Because I am obsessed--

(btw, this is merely MY path to addiction; by all means, feel free to pave your own way!)
-[info]poisonivory's pseudo-manifesto: D&J = slashfest (hope she doesn't mind!)
-poisonivory's (self-titled!) Giant Post of Ridiculously Obsessive Fannishness, Version Drake and Josh, continued
-[info]poisonivory's Fic: Knit One, Purl Two (pssst! There's another little chunk in the comments! It's good! Read it!)
-poisonivory's Fic: The Tie That Binds, and Binds, and Binds


A Daily Dose of Potassium (Poison Ivory)
Separation Anxiety (PI & mizzmarvel)
When the Music Stops (dancinbutterfly's EPIC SAGA THAT KEEEELS ME)
 + Ch 19 (of WtMS, not included ^ up there)

If you're in the mood...
Helping Hands (dharma-chan)
Suddenly More Than Brothers (downwefall, ffnet)

-thank you, degrassirox111 - DrakeandJoshtheirloveissocanon
-thank you, cityvapor - Drake loves bananas...in his pocket
-thank you, miss_trombone - Slashy-ness.

-by degrassirox111
-by solidor (scroll down)
-by footielove

Disclaimer: This list is NOT at ALL by ANY stretch of the imagination exhaustive, comprehensive, definitive, etc. Sooo, got a rec? LET ME KNOW!
Sunday, March 18th, 2007
7:09 pm
To any passersby...
If anyone knows where I might this bit of fanart, I'd be eternally grateful. It was a header/banner on someone's LJ, no idea who. Draco and Hermione in shades of pink, maybe a collage...Hermione was wearing a white button-down collar shirt, halfway open, head tilted back and angled up in a kiss, with Draco standing behind her. Um, I'm not sure on the rest of the details...sorry about the vague description!
Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007
7:25 pm
HP DMHG (fics: faves, recs)
Dragon's Bride
God of the Lost
Have You Ever
The Ends of the Earth
Pansy's Volcano
Blasted Muggle Contraptions
The Politician's Wife (pir8fancier, CG)

Room Serviced (pir8fancier, CG)
Counting to None [independent]
Tie Me With Velvet (Astronomy Tower)
Alea Iacta Est (ffnet)
Charon's Gift (ffnet)
Lions of December (Gravidy, ffnet)
A Matter of Balance (Wynn, ffnet)
Afterimage (Gravidy, ffnet)
Obliviate (superscar, ffnet)
Broken Heart (superscar, ffnet)
The Bunny Massacres (wevvles, lj)
Because This Is How It Goes (Beringae, ffnet)
How It Happened (spectacular, lj)
They All Float (soulofthevine, lj)
Ennead (Philyra912, ffnet)
Blindsided (ffnet)
Two Big Miscomprehensions of this Generation (Heleen/derryere, lj)
Waiting for Tomorrow (lj)
Twelfth Use Of Dragon's Blood (ffnet)
Void (wevvles, lj)
The First Time (ffnet, HHr)
Quidditch (Erythros, ffnet)
Love is a Many Splintered Thing (agarttha, lj)
Crimson and Luminous (jwynn, ffnet, lj)
Figure Eight (slytherinlinzi/acony_bell, CG)
Dead Girls Don't Matter (museinmotion/_fullofgrace, lj)

Customer Service (Sunny June 46, ffnet)
Chosen's Trial (Gravidy, lj)
Broomflight (Mad Martha, ffnet)
Ghosts (Rizzle, CG)
The Lodger (Mad Martha, ffnet, D/H)
Lessons in Living (lj, D/H)
Scarecrow (eucalyptus, lj)
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